Start-Up Acceleration

Start-Up Acceleration

The founders and directors of InnoEU Tech Bridge are experienced and well networked in East and Southeast Asia. While working with mostly Multinational Corporates and High-Level Government projects, more and more young and highly potential companies approached us for support in Asia. We established the acceleration programs for most promising target market to answer that demand.


The acceleration programs address highly innovative Start-Ups, Scale-Ups and SMEs with the objective to scale in East and Southeast Asia. The innovative capacity is evaluated by our international jury through qualitative interviews. Hence, requirements to apply for the programs are intentionally kept low and the process simple. Minimum application requirements for entrepreneurs offering solutions to our target industries are:

  • Technology Readiness Level 4 or higher
  • Patent protected innovation (excluded from this rule are software solutions)
  • Scalable market potential in Asia


Participants can expect a comprehensive package to prepare themselves for next steps into new markets. That ranges from workshops over networking with investors and corporates to soft-landing and incubation in the target country.


Have a look on our events page and our LinkedIn page to get updates on open calls and further offerings for entrepreneurs.


Workshops & Training

Networking with Investors & Corporates

Buisiness Trips to Asia (funding available)

Investment Deal & Partnership Arrangements

Soft-landing & Incubation


“If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.”


Robert Kiyosaki

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