Investor Matching

Investor Matching

Start-ups with ground-breaking innovations are often faced with strict uncertainty avoiding and slow-paced European VC investment landscape. Finding no, or no matching, investors to scale fast is a common challenge. Working with investors from other parts of the world is then a viable option.


Asia offers excellent growth opportunities for Start-Ups, Scale-Ups and SME, especially for businesses with a technological innovation. Asian consumers are known to adopt new technologies significantly faster than their European counterparts. As a result, corporates and investors are consistently seeking to serve that demand for innovation. Just to name China, the second largest VC market worldwide. Our mission is to connect both sides and foster innovation internationally.


InnoEU Tech Bridge established a platform to connect growth interested European innovation drivers with VCs and corporates from Asia. Entrepreneurs profit from such partnerships two folded.  Firstly, receiving necessary capital to finance the growth strategy. Secondly and probably most important, benefit from the knowledge and access to a network to realize the international growth.


Please reach out to our team to explore opportunities to attend our match making events and learn about the advisory service.


Match Investors

Identify and match investors from our network in Europe and Asia along our target industries.

 Deal Negotiation

Provide expertise along negotiations between start-ups and potential international investors.

 Pitch Coaching

Bring start-ups on a level to pitch internationally and negotiate with foreign investors.

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