Internationalisation of Multipliers

InnoEU Tech Bridge is dedicated to connect innovation drivers from Europe and Asia. We believe that a collabaration between Start-Ups and their supporting incubators and networks (Mulitpliers) does not only create a win-win for both side but is also crucial to reamincompetitive in a globalised world.


Our initiative is the answer to a demand we recognized over the past decade. Business incubators and innovation networks developed competences to support their members on a regional, national or European level. A few could develop bridges to North America. Asia competences and support programs, however, commonly play only a minor role despite 2/3 of the world population being Asian, offering best growth opportunities globally.


Our offerings are Asia competences and a network to East and Southeast Asia, most prominently China. Together with Start-Up Incubators and Innovation Networks, we organise workshops on doing business in Asian markets, networking events and pitch contests. The flagship event “Global Innovation Summit” combines all of these aspects and brings together 50+ delegates from Europe with 500+ business leaders and investors from China every year.


We create smaller joint-events with plattform partners on a regular basis, for example an Internationalisation Contest as a plug-in for Pitch Contests. Multipliers can leverage their program on a new international level without significant additional effort. Get in touch with us to learn more about our features.


Connect Incubators across Europe and Asia

It is our vision to connect Multipliers accross Europe and Asia to build a profound network of innovation drivers. We build longlasting and trustworthy connections on international level. That enables you to share experiences, create international events and improve your service delivered to members and alumnis.


For your events and summits, we add the international factor, by offering a plug-in event, such as our internationalisation contests. Additional to your regular program, we provide info sessions for market entry in Asia and offer participation possibilities for our own internationalisation events (e.g. Global Innovation Summit)

Internationalisation Partner

Connections and proper preperation are the key to entering the international market. By joining our network, we provide both for your members (start-ups, scale-ups, alumni, SMEs from our target industries) and support them on their path to international success.


“Behind every successful person there are many successful relationships.”


Joe Apfelbaum

With our extensive network of trusted business leaders, corporates and investors in the East and Southeast Asian region, we aim to find suitable counterparts for European incubators and start-up networks. Specifically, we initiate meetings between startups or startup multipliars and a possible Asian counterparts, and host networking events for startups to present their innovation to business leaders and investors.

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