Global Innovation Summit 2020 (Online Conference)

Post Event Video of the Global Innovation Summit in partnership with Bridge to China

Global Innovation Summit is the annual flagship event of InnoEU. For the 2020 edition, we partnered with the Bridge to China Program of Humboldt-Tech Bridge (HTB). Together, we gave Start-Ups the stage to pitch towards a high-level Chinese audience digitally in Shanghai (26-Jan-2021) and Chengdu (29-Jan-2021). This conference was all about doing first steps towards the Far East, find potential investors and match with local partners. Adopting to the Covid-19 situation, the program was held online.  

The 2020/21 edition hosted 21 Start-Ups from across Europe which developed an innovative technology suitable for the Asian market. Through the partnership with HTB, about half of the participants are science-based Start-Ups with a broader academic background.

8 out the 21 Start-Ups have been nominated as winner to join the next offline mission to China once travel restrictions allow doing so. We are looking forward to continue supporting the entrepreneurs on their way.

For a more detailed post event report, please feel free to contact us.